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Post  Aenott on Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:41 am

Full name: [withheld]
Nickname: Aenott

Race: Blood Elf
Class: Warlock
Professions: Enchanting, Tailoring

Age: Recently an adult
Sex: Female
Appearance: There is an intricate tattoo around her left eye.
Likes: Sewing, knitting and torturing humans.

History: At an early age, she was introduced to her grandfather, and got very impressed by his control over demons. Her family never openly acknowledged his existence, and Blood Elves outside her immediate family assume him dead, if they ever think about him at all.

As soon as she had the age to do so, she snuck away to visit her grandfather, and study fel energy, summoning, and control over demons. To make this visits easier, as he moved throughout the world, he started to summon her to his presence.

When the attack on Silvermoon came, he summoned her away, just as her family was being ravaged. She has spent the remaining years away with him. He taught her how to control her magic addiction, to the point where she has no real concerns over how much fel energy she draws without becoming wretched.

Her extensive knowledge and understanding of demons and fel energy means she learns faster than most other warlocks. She may also know some spells or curses normally only awailable to more knowledgable warlocks.

Since power is to be taken, not given, she has entered the world, to futher her education in demonology. Also, no education can replace the neccesary experience required to wield the power properly.

Personality: She is very secretive. How her family made her grandfather an all-but-an-outcast, she never openly reveals her class. Except maybe to a few trusted individuals. Everyone, and everyhing she encounters, she views as a tool, for her own ends. Including the Redspear Horde. Openly, she is a curteus young Blood Elf, and maybe somewhat charming, but underneath is a calculating mind who thinks nothing of the people around her.

Update: She has started to see the value in friendship.

Trivia: Aenott is a nickname given to her, by her grandfather and it is her nom du guerre. She does not reveal her real name; at all.

OOC: I hope to fill in the blanks and edit this, as her character evolves, and I learn more about Azeroth as well as roleplaying in WoW.

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