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Post  Akur on Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:24 pm

Name: Akur Ragehoof
Race: Tauren
Affiliation: The Redspear Horde
Class: Warrior
Title: Warbringer
Professions: First aid, Cooking and Fishing

Age: 48
Alignment: Chaotic good
Eyes: Blue
Hair/fur: Dark brown
Horns: Black

Apperance: Tall, large build, his brown fur is always ruffled from battles, often with dried traces of blood.
His stern, yet typical animalistic apperance, gives others a sense of intimidation, as he constantly glares.

Always towering above others, as he stomps across the place, carrying a large sword, and wearing heavy plated armor.
Even from a distance, it is clear from his immense weight that he is nearby from a loud thundering stomp, vibrating the ground.

Personality: Much of his personality is kept in check by a visage of calmness, keeping most of his thoughts locked away.
When matters of the horde, or battle are brought up, his quickly angered nature shows his true colors and bloodlust, a violent warrior, whos first concerns are how long it will take for the battle to start, and always trying to be the first one to spill blood.
Usually uncaring for others around him, or their plights, he seeks nothing more than strength, to further his own goals and plans.

History: Born in Mulgore, Akur used to lead a quiet life, tending to the lands and helping to restore the barrens to it's once peaceful and lush form.
Earlier in life, his brother died from an attack by the centuar, and left Akur feeling alone, despite his family's best efforts to support him.
Years had gone by, as Akur's loneliness turned into anger, he began training in the warriors way to filter his strength into revenge, but when he returned one day, his family, friends and the surrounding area's, had been redused to ashes, nothing left standing.
It was later in his travels he realised that it was the scourge who had ordered the assault, wiping out his family, from that day, he constantly fought and trained, in hopes of one day becoming strong enough to destroy the one who gave the order.


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