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Post  Rikkitazi on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:13 pm

Full Name: Jen'Ri
In-Game: Jen'Ri, Rikkitazi
Nicknames: Rikkitazi, Rikki

Guild: The Redspear Horde
Affiliation: The Horde (relatively)
Title: Servant of Karghos Redspear, chef in Grom'gol, dancer

Race: Jungle Troll
Class: Huntress
Professions: Cooking, Fishing, Mining & Skinning

Age: 17 years
Sex: Female
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Orange/Crimson
Weight: 159 pounds
Height: 5 feet & 9 inches
Garments/Armour: rugged loincloth
Appearance: A very young, average sized female troll with rather large, violet hair and a self-confident look.
Her hips are very broad and in general her whole appearance is very feminine and curvy.
Her eyes are pretty large, colourful and very intense. Often intensified furthermore with dark eye-liner of coal and the pink eyelashes.
Her skin is slightly darker and more colourful than the average - perhaps because of the sun?

On the right shoulder, a lizard in a typical "Barrens tribal style" is tattoed, curling the tail three times around her upper arm. Her hair is filled with dread locks, braids, pearls and thread-braids and she often wears necklaces of leather, teeth and pearls of some kind.

She speaks with a very relaxed, soft voice and the typical darkspear accent.

Chaotic good

Personality: She's usually very calm and has a passion for pleasure and enjoyment of the simple life - diving, fishing, hunting, cooking and hosting beach parties. She loves to please those she cares about, cooking for them, listening, finding strange gifts as a token for that she cares about them.
Some of her great flaws might be her lack of forgiveness towards people who bothers her and her ill temper.

History: In her early life she was raised up in Stranglethorn, when her tribe was exciled to the distant islands of the great ocean, the Darkspear Tribe, led by Vol'jin luckily became one of the most powerful troll tribes again, and luckily formed an alliance with the Horde. IT was planned that she should become the former chief's 13th wife and she were trained to cook and dance, when he died battle.

In an age of 8 she was moved with some of her siblins and mother to Sen'Jin Village for more secure surroundings. There she served in the war by hunting boars for food supplies.
In an age of 16 she met the ord Karghos Redspear, who convinced her that action and revenge were worth more than passive respect and surrender. They formed the Redspear Horde with the goal to take back what they think righteously belongs to the horde.
Now she, once again, lives in Stranglethorn Vale, serving the Redspear Horde.

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