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Zurrai's Character Sheet Empty Zurrai's Character Sheet

Post  Khraz on Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:25 am

Full Name: Zurrai

Guild: The Redspear Horde
Affiliation: The Horde
Title: The Great Troll Inventor

Race: Jungle Troll, Darkspear heritage
Class: Engineer (In character) Mage (Out of Character)
Professions: Fishing, First Aid, Mining & Engineering

Age: 67 Sex: Male Hair: White Face: Painted Black & White

Appearance: Zurrai is old and wrinkly, he is often compared to an old died up piece of fruit. He is balding on the top of his head. His bones crack and crumble in his old age but his brain is still intact! He carries on him a number of small and useless gadgets that either appear to be broken or make a strange buzzing sound.

Personality: Zurrai is a senile old fool, while he feels he deserves the respect of a wise old Troll, he infact is often laughed at. He is proud of his accomplishments, although they are few and far between. He believes to be the greatest inventor of his time, in reality it is the exact opposite.

History Zurrai originates from the Darkspear Tribe. When the Darkspears left Azeroth to go to their new home in Kalimdor, they discussed whether to leave Zurrai behind due to his feeble nature and laughable inventions. Zurrai has many inventions to his name, although most of them never seem to work.


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