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Post  Rikkitazi on Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:29 am

I've heard people say more than once, that they met somone who might be interested in joining, where the person contacting me, had not given any information themselves in the meanwhile.
Most of the times, the interested has lost a bit of the curiousity in the meanwhile, because they find it strange that they are not getting any answer for their questions by their members. Members are, even if they don't think about it themselves, representants of their guild.
It is rather important that they know at least the basical info about their guild, in case somone would ask. By doing so, it shows that the members are entusiastic about the guild they're a part of.
Therefore, if somone ever asks for a roleplaying guild or asks you directly about the Redspears, and you don't feel like you can give any clear answer, then suggest them to go look at
If you could do so, it would be a great help, thank you! Smile

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