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Restrictions of names Empty Restrictions of names

Post  Rikkitazi on Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:04 pm

Redspear has been a project made to get more people interested in playing in character and give people a chance to get to know what roleplay is.
Because of that, our name standards has been relatively loose. But this gives a dilemma of who should be let in and who should not.

Now, we will not kick out those who has a name which does not fit into the standard, but we'd ask you to get FlagRSP to prove people, that you are a serious roleplayer, and we will ask people who contact us with interest, and with extremely strange names, like Thecarrotking, Happygoat etc., to make a character with a fitting name depended on the race, or at least make up an in character name to add in their FlagRSP. I do not find that to be a silly or unfair requirement.

It isn't unusual that I get whispers from people named "Canihazburger" or "Tigerbabe" etc. It is hard to judge what's going on. Normally it's people who just find it hillarious to make fun of other people, but it can just as well be people who did not thought of playing in character at first, but then found it interesting, and it is those that we need to get onboard.

I can come with an example: In the Menethil Community I once ran, we had a man named Jarhead. So far I remember, he told that he was originally not planning to RP, but he grew fond of it and he just made up an IC name: Matt Coldforge.

Now, as a wee guideline I'll use some suggestions Blizzard have made, but also the NPC's names can be great inspiration.

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