The Aftermath - Life after The Redspears

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The Aftermath - Life after The Redspears Empty The Aftermath - Life after The Redspears

Post  Sylinn on Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:37 pm

I don't know how it is for you. But I can tell you it's a total bind for me. All my favorite haunts and shops are like, totally off limits. Anyway, after we were all disbanded and such, and Thrall had like those charges raised against us, I got myself out of Orgrimmar pretty sharpish. Not so friendly. In fact, it seems most of our illustrious "Horde" capitals feel the same. Well, what can I say? Each to their own. Being a Blood Knight, I have some pretty serious strings to pull in my own home capital of Silvermoon, but I know things aren't comfortable... what with them being part of the new Horde and all. Even our own stopping ground of Grom'Gol isn't much of a haven anymore - yet another place where Thrall's agents lie in wait...

So, I've ended up in Booty Bay. It's pretty much neutral, thankfully, and beyond Horde control. A "fugitive" such as I can lay low for a while. Heck, I crave some action, but for now there's a price on my head, and you do what you have to. You can find me working shifts at The Salty Sailor. I hope you can catch me fairly regular, but I am lying low get it? Nevermind....

You wanna find me, check out the Salty Sailor in Booty Bay, Mondays at 10pm CET.

Still believing in The True Horde,
Your friend, and ally
Lin xOx


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