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Post  Grithor on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:36 am

Grithor Skullripper of the Burning Blade clan, an old orc filled with grief and shame. Grithor was trained from an early age as a blademaster but never finished his training due to the many wars who broke out on Draenor before the opening of the Dark Portal.

Grithor is a very closed orc, not letting many in and rarely showing much feelings. His calm ways is mostly based on the heavy feelings he has raging inside, creating a sort of pointless depression. This has led to uncontrolled growling from him (The "Hrrmm.." So often heard when he speaks).

His skin is dark even for an Orcs and has been so all of his life. His body is covered with scars, some on his back from being lashed with whips or proded with spears while in the humans interment camps, but most from the various battles he has thrown himself into during the years passed.

His face is gravely severed due to an acidic Ooze trying to devour him, the left part of his face starting on his temple, and going all the way down on his jaw is covered with acidic burns making him not to kind on the eyes.

Grithors legiance lie stricktly to the Redspear Horde and he will follow any command given from its leaders without doubt or questioning, some may think this would make him an orc without his own mind, but this orc is far from stupid.


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