Saturday 5th September: RP-PVP 'The Silverpine Scramble'

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Saturday 5th September: RP-PVP 'The Silverpine Scramble' Empty Saturday 5th September: RP-PVP 'The Silverpine Scramble'

Post  Kalazhi on Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:59 pm

After a discussion with Leopold today, we came up with a plan for a battle exclusively between the Redspears and the Remnants that we currently plan to hold on the 5th of September at 19:00.

The Redspear Horde shall clash with the Lordaeron Remnants in a resource struggle in Silverpine forest, much like Arathi Basin. With our new status as seperate from the horde, our need for resources is greater than ever. The Silverpine mines appear to be easy pickings...unfortunately, the Remnants have somehow learned of the planned action and intend to jump on the oppertunity to claim back their old resources themselves and give us a beating...bold. It's not a hugely spectacular story premise, granted, but it works.

The battle will be over three mines located in Silverpine Forest. The Redspears shall start at the west coast of Silverpine, in the top corner, while the Remnants start on the Hillsbrad border. These positions mean that each side has quick access to one mine each, while the central mine is just that - central. Sounds fair! The two respective commanders, myself and Leopold, will most likely be sitting out of the actual battle to co-ordinate IC and OOC. There will be a solid line of communication between each side, so any issues will hopefully be resolved quickly.

What we propose to do is consider a mine 'captured' once it's been held for 20 minutes. Whoever is leading the group that arrives will be asked to start the in-game stopwatch to count this out.

Gear - We'll be using the good-old white-quality uniforms for the battle. The remnants will be using similar restrictions.

• Leather Wearers wear – Tanned Leather
• Mail Wearers wear – Chainmail Set + Wall Shield
• Cloth Wearers wear – Red Linen Robe
• Plate Wearers wear – Platemail

Leather and Mail items are buyable at Soran’s Leather and Steel Armory, Orgrimmar (Close to the city gates).Willfrey, Ngozi's bank alt, is a tailor and provides the Red Linen Robe. Plate Items (WARNING – They are expensive) are buyable at Tumi who's in The Burning Anvil, Valley of Heroes, Orgrimmar.(ask a guard and search for a Blacksmithing Trainer to get a waypoint)

Numbers - We're hoping for maybe 15 sign-ups for each side; depending on how many are able to attend, numbers will be adjusted to make the battle as fair as possible.

PvP Conduct- Common sense. Target people of your own level first. No AoE. No death grips/army of the dead.

IC Communication- We propose to make use of IC messengers (and by that I may mean alot of excessive /shouting) to call for reinforcements across the map and the likes instead of the IC channel. This is probably the most, ah, dangerous experiment here as it could turn things a little hectic...or maybe make it all the more epic! This is largely dependant on numbers present, of course. If a messenger dies en route, he or she must return to the mine they were sent from.

Travel- No mounts. Run! This is because we felt it would make it far too easy to dodge incoming groups, or intercept them. It's also to make sure every level travels around the battlefield at the same speed...

This is all open for discussion, of course. We just felt that getting a down would be a good idea. If sign ups are low, we'll move the forwards. Leo wasn't available for the preferred date of the 12th. Final confirmation of above rules will be given on the day!

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Saturday 5th September: RP-PVP 'The Silverpine Scramble' Empty Re: Saturday 5th September: RP-PVP 'The Silverpine Scramble'

Post  Rikkitazi on Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:02 pm

You can eventually check the uniform here. The shields are normally items that we will give as a reward when you have completed the given quest of the Redspear Horde and has been promoted to a rank above grunt. I will say it's up to Kalazhi if grunts are allowed to bring their tribal shields of awesomness?

Anyway, this is the uniforms:

Oh, and by the way.. for the hunters I suggest that you check that they have the arrows with the lowest damage they can get and use a grey or white item bow as well. We have a lot of hunters and they are a rather strong class. Even if they don't use their abilities, the autoshot can damage quite a lot.

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