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Post  Bumiijah on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:57 am

Bumiijah hails from the ice troll tribes of Dun Morogh. Though his old tribe is scattered across the lands after a massive dwarf attack, he still retains his heritage as a important part of his personality and is generally proud of his background.
Dubbed Thaeroo Morokaii, roughly translated as; "Spirited Stalker that Hunts with Death" by the last cheiftan to rule his tribe, Loh'go. Bumiijah was a successful hunter of his tribe, and a promising warrior. Perhaps the favored eye of his old chieftan has led Bumiijah to maintain his somewhat annoying ego.
A troll to act on his impulse and rarely think on his actions until long after they have occured can make him somewhat of a project, but this hot-tempered way of the mind, helps him in battle where he seems to work himself into a bloodlust of unstoppable rage.

His main features to seperate him physically from the Darkspear trolls of the horde is his enormous stature and almost white skin. Standing as tall as most taurens, while still looking incredibly skinny. His muscles are finely tuned and long, not buff like perhaps orcs and taurens.
Seeing as his old tribe still means alot to him today, he has taken the liberty of carving old tribal runes in his tusks, each supposedly either contains blessings from his various gods or charms of good luck from various witchdoctor scrolls.
His great mane of dreadlocks falls from his head in various sizes; from ones that baely reach his shoulders to a few that reach his hips.
Always seen with an eyepatch covering his right eye, with a scar running down from forehead to chin, having been burned by magical means, to stop it from regenerating.
A troll a bit past his prime, age has begun to show around his eyes and other features, yet still a handsome troll by any measure.

- Bumiijah Thaeroo Morokaii


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