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Age: A good guess judging from his general looks when painted all up, would be around the end of hsi twenties

Sex: Male

Hair: Violet

Eyes: Yellow/Crimson

Weight: 300 pounds

Height: 9 feet & 5 inches

Garments/Armour: Whatever is nearest, usually a big hat and some roomy shirts, otherwise all stocked up in mail armor.

Appearance: The immediate area around this troll has a strong scent of Sanguine Hibiscus, due to the cigars he's constantly huffing on. He stands at a 9'5'' tall and around 300 pound weight. He's quite strongly built, but the ravages of time can be seen, and it is obvious that he has seen better days.
But still years of training cannot be hidden, also there is a natural teint to his built, as if he is more attuned to hunting than fighting.
He has alot of different tokens and charms hanging around his neck. His left tusk is missing, and all that remains is a small stump.
A blue lock of hair has been braided into his left so it falls down his cheek.
The rest of his hair is thick and hangy and gives off a harsh smell of blood, the hair only standing because of the coagulated blood letting it defy gravity.

His nose seem to have been broken several time, to such a degree it's more hanging than actually protruding from his face. His face and arms are covered in scars of varying sizes and some fresher than others.

His clothes seem tattered and worn by wind and weather and most his armor seem busted up either due to lack of money for repairs, or lack of interest in getting them repaired, both armor and clothes are spotted with sickly-sweet smelling spots from the alchemy labs.

On his right over arm there is a tattoo of his a prowling panther, on the left part of his chest a strangely glowing Golden Oak shines, on the left side of his abdomen a wolf's head is visible, on the right part of his abdomen a large chunk of flesh has been carved off.
Also, a fish hook is hanging from his right ear.

These days he generally look battered, bu he is grinning widely, speaking in a slow rhytmic patterns.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: He's a very confident troll and takes great pride in his loyalty towards his friends, and despite years of living in a "civilized world" he still finds alot of joy from merely prowling around the jungle, climbing a waterfall or wrestling a giant.
Some of her great flaws might be her lack of forgiveness towards people who bothers her and her ill temper.

Born into the wild tribes of the Bloodscalps, Jekktarr, few minutes after his birth heard the cracking sound of his mother’s skull being knocked in, later in his upbringing he was to know she was of Darkspear lineage. He grew up in a little group of the Bloodscalps, settled outside the main ruin. The small pack of trolls were mainly hunters and scouts, lead by a shaman. Jekk was taken under the shamans’ wing in his early years, where he showed great potential.
But as he grew, and as his interests grew in other directions, he got tossed aside again. He was then, of course, drastically behind the other trolls, raised as hunters and scouts. He was sent on impossible missions, but time and time again seemed to survive, he was sent to spy on the Skullsplitters, and when he got spotted, managed to flee by running across the crocolisk-filled river.
He was put to spy on the goblins, and had in some point during his long waiting hours, attained a ghostly-animalistic shape, which resulted in several goblins put a price on this creatures head as it of course would be worth a lot to the right buyer.

The last time he ever went out for the Bloodscalps, he was sent to the Gurubashi capital, Zul’Gurub, and Jekktarr, not being stupid went on his mission, only to flee to the pirates. He’d spent a lot of time watching these people, and the Brady bunch they were. He came to them, and when the humans first saw his bloodshot eyes, their first instinct was to attack him.
With nowhere else to go, he stood his ground, and tossed off the first two pirates, with aid from the totem his shaman tutor had made for him.
The next pirates rushed towards him, and the ground seemed to grapple their feet, and a voice speaking an unfamiliar language called, and the pirates stopped. An Orc sitting near the fireplace they all had gathered around got to his feet. The orc stepped up to Jekktarr and looked him over. He then murmured a few more words, and Jekk was knocked out.

Months passed, as Jekktarr worked as a deckhand. The orc who was the boatswain of the ship, was kind enough to teach Jekk orcish words at the end of a whip, each time he didn’t understand them. This has resulted in his very heavy trollish accent. The small fleet of pirate ships, consisting of five boats, were plundering the trade ships that made their way to Booty Bay.
Jekk trained the shaman skills while working hard, when water was splashing in, he almost never got wet, the wind always cooled him down in the burning sun. Occasionally they took trips to Kalimdor, around the Barrens area. During a storm on their way back to Stranglethorn, Jekk got thrown overboard, and was knocked unconscious.

He woke up; the beach was deserted, except for the Makrura that woke him up, by deciding to try to pinch his arm off. He made very little attention to it as he broke the head off of it. He could see a small band of huts, and the certain sound of troll drums. He slowly got up and decided to walk to the village. There he found the Darkspears. Several stared at him as they recognized his mother in him.
The elder of the tribe sent him to The Den where he was to join the horde, and as he gathered the only partially safe place for him. He were there for a few days before he ran into Naria and her sister Zharisa, the very first people he met in this strange new region of the world, that actually responded to him, though they were a lot more experienced than him.

On his travels he encountered Azooqi, and with her charming personality, and Jekktarrs’ love for flirting, they began spending a lot of time together. Though she already had a man in her life she was about to marry, he couldn’t just let her go on. The man was Zurockhai, Skullsplitter troll, enemies of the Bloodscalps as well. Jekktarr couldn’t get himself to attend the wedding, and so he sat back and waited.
Zurockhai didn’t seem to spend much time along with his wife, but Jekktarr did. They were hard to find as individuals. Where one was, the other was close by, and the flirting that were thrown between them, could not go unnoticed. In fact it got so noticed that the demon blood husband of hers, heard the whispers. And so it was, when Jekktarr was standing in Badlands, two persons approached him.
A tauren and a troll, the troll with a net gun, should Jekktarr try to flee. So they stood there, waiting for orders from Zurockhai. It seemed that Azooqi had persuaded Zurockhai to spare him. In exchange the next time Jekktarr met up with Azooqi, the flirting was gone, she had vowed not to do so any longer and she would keep her word. Sad, angry and broken, Jekktarr began his training; rid this world of Zurockhai he would, if it was the last he would do.
But before he was even close to be able to do so. Azooqi and Zurockhai disappeared. Azooqi had mixed her blood with Zurockhai at the wedding, tainting her with the demon blood in his veins. They had taken a portal, through which their demon would be torn from their body.

Months had passed; Jekktarr had been alone, wandering killing mercilessly, his anger being reflected onto the world, his innocence was gone, so far he had put up with people, he had taken the whip and smiled afterwards, but no more, those who did him wrong should taste the pain he was in. He had made a pact with another troll named Bumiijah, also feeling the stab from Azooqi’s departure, they would punish her for her stupidity should she return.
But she didn’t. She sent her blood sister. Jekktarr got contacted by Mookah the Matriarch of the Wyvernpeak tribe, a woman would come bearing news about Azooqi.
And so he sat there, in the back of the cave, pulsing with rage and sadness, as the woman entered, Sheyja. He could see Azooqi in her eyes, her movements were as hers, and obviously they had trained together. His anger reached the boiling point, he yelled and barked at all present, challenging everybody, cursing them all to the outlands.
Lexxe stepped up besides him, apparently the only person understanding his misery, made a portal and shoved him into it. Now standing in Undercity, pounding at the walls and yelling at everything, he slowly calmed down. A week passed, he had decided that Sheyja was Azooqi, and she should receive her punishment. But as he spent time tormenting her, he slowly realised that they were not the same person, and his cold heart slowly began to dry for her.
Soon Jekktarr spent most his time guiding Sheyja through Azeroth, that he had come to know so well. He showed her all the beautiful places he had discovered in his scouting, all the quiet little places where one could be alone and think. She was a relief in his tormented world. After he escaped from the Bloodscalps, his sole fear was to be alone. And she was keeping him up, almost floating through his day.
As his love for her grew, he even began to tell her secrets he had never even thought about telling Azooqi. But she didn’t seem to respond that well to his feelings, almost as if she tried not to.

Jekktarr grinned in his mind as he kissed Sheyja. For a long time he had tried to soften her heart and it seemed she had used just as much power as he, to keep him away, trying to hide the fact that she had feelings. He loved her, and he had already let one love go, he wouldn’t let this happen again. He couldn’t bear it again. He didn’t know how he would do it, but happen it should.
He had planned a ritual never used before, with full intention of seeing if he could get Sheyja to make up her mind. Sheyja looked at the wyvernbones he had tossed for her and grinned slightly. All he used was his cunning tongue, and finally his words, along with her naivety, he had forced her to open her eyes, look at her heart and admitting that it was full of love for him.
Long time passed, and Lexxe had been infected, more demons around, seven of them Jekk had encountered by now, and the other times his way to cure them was to simply kill the vessel. He was urged not to kill Lexxe, but as he became a danger to Sheyja, Jekktarr could not just stand by. He came to him, before a tribes meeting in the Stonetalon Mountains.

“I guess I had this coming for some time” Lexxe said while looking at Jekktarr.

“Ow, more dan jus’ sum time puny mahn, me gonna take great pleasure in dis.” Jekktarr said while narrowing his eyes.

He walked slowly up to Lexxe, stared him in the eyes, before violently piercing his torso with his tusks. As Lexxe sunk to the ground Jekktarrs’ inner Bloodscalp came up in him, and he began to pound the corpse, biting off a piece of the nose, and tearing off an ear, before getting up, and walked to the cave where the tribes meeting was being held.

Not so long passed, the tribe was falling apart with accusations towards one another. Jekktarr decided that if punishment towards him was what would save the Wyvernpeak, he would stand trial. Most likely death would be what would redeem his act in the tribe’s eyes. He made it through the trial; he had served himself on a platter in front of people that deep down really wanted him gone, and not a single one took the chance, even the victim of his crime, Lexxe had returned to witness this, and even he spoke against Jekktarrs’ death.

A time after, when he sat there, with his still hurting hand that Sheyja had crushed while giving birth, washing his newly born daughter with a wet piece of cloth, his mind was running a mile an hour. All the things he had seen, everything he had tried, and he had never felt this full, never this happy. Sheyja sat a bit behind him, tired after the birth. He gently kisses his daughter, to be named Azooró. After his lost love and Sheyja’s lost sister Azooqi and their common friend Róta, who was also to be Azooró’s second mother should something, happen to Jekk and Shey.

As the Wyvernpeak was slowly dissolving through lack of leadership and lost priorities, Jekktarr felt the need for a change in the winds. He wanted peace for his wife and the mother of his child. And he would seek it amongst friends, and a lot of those were in the ranks of the Ari Scara.

This was two and half years ago, never stories are to follow.

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