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Coragons Campaing Rules Empty Coragons Campaing Rules

Post  Ngozi on Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:46 pm

RP PVP Rules v. 2.0
“Faster, sleeker and more sexy!”

Simplified by a fanatic follower of the “Anti-Textwall” movement

Here's the rules that the RP-PvP Campaign use – if you want to fight with or against us, you read the rules and abide by them; and then awesomeness will commense.


The RP-PvP gear MUST abide by the following rules to ensure a balanced fight:

    No more than 12.500 Hitpoints

    No more than 1.000 Attack Power

    No more than 8.000 Armor

    No more than 500 Spell Power

    Do not stack Crit Rating, Hit Rating, Dodge, Bonus Damage/Healing or Haste too much.

Else, every level and color is fair game – try not to max it out, though, as it's about the FIGHT and not about WINNING – don't twink it. Think style over function.


If attending a Campaign-skirmish, you must abide these rules in active combat:

    No Area-Of-Effect spells or abilites - of any kind. If it can be targeted more than one enemy, do not use. No exception.

    No ganking – abide by the gear rule at all times. Do not shift gear in combat.

    No corpse camping

    No corpse-run farming
    – give people a chance to regroup

    Play fair – common sense and includes as above, give people a chance to regroup and catch a breather. It makes the battles more dramatic.

    No griefing – if your enemy breaks the rule, you -don't-. Report to a mod or general and play on to your best extent.

    Listen to orders – both IC and OOC orders; makes it easier for everyone.



The battle commander leads the -entire- horde force during a skirmish In-Character – think of him as the general or warlord of the combined forces.
Each guild leader or officer leads his or her guild as a warband but answers to the general when/if he or she issues a command.

Battle Commanders are chosen before the battle begins each time a skirmish is planned.


Moderators take care of the gritty OOC bits: They update forums and battle maps after a skirmish has been played out, they handle OOC communication between the two warring sides - they take care of complaints and when a battle goes down, they're the guys to make sure people follow the rules.

Moderators have a fixed position - we are currently seeking more to help out. Expect some work load.


Guys and gals decked in the best PVP sets they can muster who don't involve themselves in the fight but instead seek out potential gankers and give them a good woopin' – should be pretty PvP skilled. If they have a second gear-set, they can join the RP-fight under the same rules as everybody else.

Anti-Gankers are chosen before the battle begins each time a skirmish is planned.


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Coragons Campaing Rules Empty Re: Coragons Campaing Rules

Post  Rikkitazi on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:13 am

Hunny, isn't this the exactly same thread as you added before in the IC section? Rolling Eyes

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