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Jojubi's character Empty Jojubi's character

Post  Nizana on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:10 am

Just a quick intro so you get an idea.

Jojubi is on of the three new Sandfury slaves. He is the little brother of the two girls. He is very scared of Nikato, his sister, but also admires her wild nature.
His main character outline is that of a little dreamer, and perhaps a little bit retarded too, though that could be because he is just.. not completely there... or here... just in his own little world.
He's not very strong though the work he now has to do will probably make him get more muscled.
He can adore the strangest little items and hold them as his most priced possessions only to discard of them a day later.
It could very well be that Nikato just pulled his hair too hard one time and something just got tangled in his head.


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