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Post  Kalazhi on Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:33 am

Full Name: Kalazhi Thunderhorn
In-Game: Kalazhi
Nicknames: [None]

Guild: The Redspear Horde
Affiliation: The Horde / Thunderhorn Clan
Title: Warbringer
Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Age: 72 years
Sex: Female
Hair: Black, Black Fur.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 7ft
Garments/Armour: Blood Guard's Armor
Appearance: Usually a large, armored black Tauren. Who know how many scars lie beneath?
Personality: Not usually the most socially adept Tauren, she can often be found to communicate merely through grunts and snorts. Her temper can run rather thin when she finds herself confronted by things that annoy her. Battle finds her more controlled for the most part, although once the battles begin to press on her anger and ferocious attitude can overwhelm her. Her hatreds of the Alliance stem from their excessive use of technology; seeing them as no better than the Goblins of the Venture Company. And so, to stop this approaching hostile expansion and to cement the Tauren's earned-in-blood home in Mulgore, she fights savagely and to the best of her ability to remove the threat once and for all. The years in the Horde have had a profound effect on her; as her struggles extended beyond the marauding Centaur, she found herself increasingly frustrated by the attitudes and actions of the Alliance; she found their lack of shamanistic appreciation for the lands disturbing, to say the least.
History: A strong warrior and ferocious defender of the wandering Tauren tribes against the Centaur, Kalazhi has been a front-line warrior for most of her life. With the creation of the New Horde she found a new purpose in the Horde Military, fighting in the defining battles across Kalimdor. Her service continued through to the Northrend Invasion, all the while nurturing a growing distaste for the Alliance. The final straw came at the Wrathgate and the immediate events following; seeing how the leader of the Alliance reacted (or overreacted, as she sees it) pushed her the final mile, convincing her that the Alliance were forever going to be too hot-headed and unwilling to compromise. And so she found herself investigating the newly formed Redspear Horde...much to the upset of many tribesmen. To Kalazhi, It became a case of moving beyond the ancient tribal customs of her people, in her mind very much to protect them.

[Later Additions Possible!]

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