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Rhaelene's Character Sheet Empty Rhaelene''s Character Sheet

Post  Rhaelene on Sat May 23, 2009 12:32 am

Full Name: Rhaelene Souldusk
In-Game: Rhaelene Souldusk, Rhaelene, Rhae (if you really want to push your luck) Wink
Nicknames: N/A

Guild: The Redspear Horde
Affiliation: Rhaelene Souldusk Wink
Title: Witch

Race: Blood Elf
Class: Warlock
Professions: Enchanting & Tailoring, First Aid, Fishing and Cooking are considered beneath her and are woefully underskilled.

Age: Unknown (assumed to be somewhere in excess of 300 years)
Sex: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Weight: 118 pounds
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Garments/Armour: A plethora of robes, with a preference for the colours black and purple. Large quantities of jewellery and talismans, Troll artefacts.

Appearance: Rhaelene fills a standard image of a Highborn elf; aloof, elegant, beautiful. Anyone that spends a deal of time around her however will detect something more than the usual arrogance and cynicism that rumbles in the blood of most Sin'dorei; there is a distinct feeling of wrong-ness, something that sets teeth on edge and neckhairs standing upright.

Alignment: "You spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty" Lady Macbeth (act 1, scene 5) Macbeth Twisted Evil

Personality: Rhaelene is quite monstrously arrogant and abrasive at times. At others she can be demure and submissive. Her voice is sinuous as a snake, charming, and edged with something... madness perhaps? She has a quick wit when required, and tends to speak in an even tone. She has a talent for cruelty, and has an extensive knowledge of ancient ritual magic, history, demonology and methods of torture and termination of life. She is difficult to read, and her mind is at times impenetrable.

History: "The Bloody House of Souldusk" - taken from 'The Histories of the Highborn' by Ellam Coyn

The records of the House Souldusk seem to terminate suddenly around eighty years before the first arrival of the Horde on Azeroth. The family seems to fade into total obscurity; the last recorded mention in archives being the complete destruction of the Souldusk estates by catastrophic fire in the region now known as the Ghostlands. House Souldusk was renowned for providing spies and assassins to the power elite of Elven society. As such they were pariahs, though ones whose services were in high demand in more turbulent times.

Varos Souldusk was head of the family (second in line after a firstborn elder sister had apparently drowned in a childhood accident); a particularly old and black-hearted man who was more feared than respected within society. While his father, Solon Souldusk, was considered its true power, Varos led publicly while his ancient, infirm father provided him with the clout in Elven society to run the House as he saw fit. Varos's mother, Lady Torrah, had apparently died in his early life, leaving only him to control the fortunes of the Souldusks.

A softly spoken lord, Varos was known for a particularly sadistic streak and a temper that would flare up like a forest fire and was equally unquenchable. House Souldusk for this very reason had an exceptionally high turnover of staff, many leaving after being assaulted by their lord for some trivial or imagined infraction. One particular story (the truth of which is often questioned in tales like this) tells of a chambermaid being overheard speaking of the master in an unflattering, if honest, light. Lord Varos punished the woman by 'making her flapping tongue still' - he nailed it through her lower jaw to the surface of a table. There were dozens of tales such as this about Varos Souldusk, and in that time almost all were believed.

Lord Varos was married to an unknown aristocrat, simply referred to as "Lady Ti." Her family was unknown, but considering the lavishness of their wedding and the considerable dowry she brought, she was obviously from the highest sections of society. Out of earshot nobles commented that the beauty of "Ti" was marred by her resemblance to Lord Varos. This was though simply taken as a reflection of his narcissism. Old Lord Solon did not see the wedding, however, as he finally passed away of an unspecified malady two weeks before the nuptials began. Soon afterwards Lady Ti gave birth to a son, who tragically died soon after birth. Eventually though House Souldusk was blessed with triplets; three identical sisters. Two are recorded as being birthnamed Laehrah and Syrrah, the third however was a mystery who was never seen in public. Rumours abounded of the third child being deformed, crippled or having died. In another black legend of the Souldusks, a Lord Sallek was recorded at a ball as having mocked Varos for his invisible daughter and suggested in a typical battle of wit that she had perhaps been born with her father's looks. A month later, Lord Sallek's youngest son was horribly disfigured when an oillamp doused his bed with blazing fuel as he slept. The accident was never blamed on Varos, though it was easy to see why no-one thought it impossible that it was no accident at all.

Of the two visible daughters, Laehrah and Syrrah were trained in the family business. While the students that left the estate's 'school of death' as it was known were anonymous, it was no secret Varos personally trained his daughters in the arts of murder, blackmail and espionage. Syrrah was the stronger of the two, and grew to be a highly-regarded beauty. Laehrah was, on the other hand, shy and reserved. Perhaps due to her lesser skills she was implicated in several failed attempts upon the lives of other nobles and was actually caught with plans for a trade agreement that broke a withstanding one with Gilneas by human agents. Shortly after this embarrassing folly Laehrah was crippled in a riding accident and left paralyzed from the waist down. Laehrah then also faded from the records, though it was known that she did not die of her injuries. Varos once again was implicated in extreme cruelty, as a royal messenger to the estate was rumoured to have found the woman slithering about naked in a yard for the estate's hounds; fingernails torn out from dragging herself across the stones, skin bitten and clawed and body smeared with excrement. The shock whispered within the highest level of Elven society at this story (and what it could do to the people's reputation with their human allies) forced action, and when a royal visit of the outlying estates reached the doors of House Souldusk, Laehrah was found to be sickly, silent and withdrawn, though being wheeled about in a comfortable trolley by servants within the family home. Lord Varos also used this public visit to present to the king his recently-born first son; a small, mean-looking boy-child called Vorn.

The fall of House Souldusk came only a scant two decades afterwards. In the space of a month tragedy after tragedy assailed the family. First, young lady Syrrah was wounded fatally in a hunting accident, then a fortnight later "Lady Ti" was suddenly taken ill and died of a particularly gruesome illness (so rumour stated - apparently her casket was left closed at her memorial as whatever illness had taken her had left her body hideously bloated to the point of splitting open). Varos was seemingly heartbroken and lost at her death, and became gripped by a mania that left him in the care of doctors every hour of the day. Two days after Lady Ti was interred in the family crypt, seemingly from the neglect of the estate staff so distracted by their bereft lord, young lord Vorn (who had become something of a melancholic figure after an early childhood of tormenting servants and excessive cruelty that defied every governess that was assigned to his education and further fueled the rumours of insanity gripping the clan) was found hung in his chambers.

Less than a day later the night was lit with flames in the east of the region. The entire Souldusk estate was ablaze; every building, tree and bush was wreathed in an unearthly fire that defied all attempts to quench it. Magazines of gunpowder and canisters of alchemical agents and toxins exploded and made any hope of rescuing those trapped in the main house and training facility vanish. The fires burned though to daybreak, and once the smoke had cleared it was apparent that everyone within the estate had perished. Almost all bodies recovered were impossible to identify, though there were some ominous signs that something worse than fire had consumed House Souldusk. The incinerated family chapel where the remains of the young Vorn lay in state was found scattered with the corpses of (presumed) servants and vassals, apparently burned to death in what official records described as 'in the act of violating the remains of the young master... indeed there were knives in their blackened hands and signs where his meat was cut from his bones and was thusly found stuffed int' the mouths and bellies of the other dead.' All the household dogs were decapitated. One body was found at the foot of a tower, its broken spine the only clue to a possible identity. Most gruesome of all, one corpse, utterly unidentifiable due to its injuries, was found transfixed to a table with a plethora of daggers, swords, nails, knives and needles, feet and hands severed and 'showing signs of disembowelling'. Whatever the nature of the horror that consumed the House of Souldusk that night, the truth of it was never discovered.

As usual, rumours abounded of bargains with demons, Varos sinking into a madness that led him to murder everyone, and even his rivals and victims of many years descending on the estate in a bloody orgy of vengeance. Either way, as the years passed, the stories of House Souldusk and Mad Lord Varos faded to become only local legends and campfire stories. The only tangible reminder was that the place where the estate once stood never recovered; the plants there had a sickly hue to them and no birds would sing in the spindly trees. It was known until the region became the equally-nightmarish Ghostlands as the Vale of Varos...


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Rhaelene's Character Sheet Empty I love it

Post  Kalemar on Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:20 pm

This is an amazing story, you should get a WoWy (it's an award i made up just for you hehe)

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Rhaelene's Character Sheet Empty Re: Rhaelene's Character Sheet

Post  Rhaelene on Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:01 am

Shucks, thanks. I'd like to thank my family... Laughing

I hope you read between the lines enough to perhaps distil the truth in the story. Be warned, there are a few red herrings unless of course you've spoken to Rhae... she's very comfortable with her rather ugly past, probably because she likes making people's skin crawl.


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Rhaelene's Character Sheet Empty Re: Rhaelene's Character Sheet

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