Welcome to the Redspear Horde!

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Welcome to the Redspear Horde! Empty Welcome to the Redspear Horde!

Post  Rikkitazi on Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:59 pm


This is the Redspear Horde's official forum where you may find everything worth knowing about the pack.
The Redspear Horde is a RP-PVP guild on Earthen Ring. The guild has been created by Rikkitazi the 13th of January 2009 and later formed together with Karghos and Ngozi into an active event-starter full of absolutely great members of every age, race, lvl and class.

We are allied out of character with alliance guilds to create the more intense and epic feeling of being in war IC'ly.

Few facts about the Redspear Horde:

We are a multicultural guild which means that we welcome every race and class. It is currently dominated by the "old Horde's" culture, but with no actual religion. What is dominating in the guild, is simply the political idealism of the guild - to make a better future through revenge against the Alliance.

We are a seperatist group of the Horde!
This means that we are not hostile towards the Horde, but we are not loyal either. We disagree with Thrall's politics and we're not a part of the rest of the Horde politically (but we still can walk around in the cities and socialise with outsiders as much as we like).
Our head quarter is the Stranglethorn Vale where we offer everyone fun - but we see it as our territory and we're allowe ourselves to dominate over people who does not accept our normally friendly attitude or question our actions.
As seperatists, we stick together in battles. No one but the Redspear leaders will have the honor of bossing us around. Either do we join the Arm of the Horde. It has no interest to the Redspears, since they already disagrees with the Horde's peaceful politics.

Our lore is short and simple.
We do not have anything to do with the elementals or many generations and history back in time. Basicly our lore is: Big orc, named Karghos, is dissatisfied by knowing that Thrall is sending flowers to Jaina Proudmoore and talking about peace, while several homes are burned down and beloved ones have been enslaved or killed by the Alliance. He say: "I will kill the Alliance - who's with me?!" and gathers a seperatist group, objecting the peace keeping Thrall leads.
It is perhaps not that epic, but it doesn't have to, to get people into action. We welcome people to write their own lore as detailed as they like, but if they seek a long story about the Redspear Horde, they will get dissapointed. Wink

Every man is the architect of his own fortune!
We do not have any contact persons to pull you into the social part of the guild. This is a bounch of soldiers, and we expect that people joins because they wants to be a part of it and then it will be their own responsebility to grap the opportunities we offer them. We run the Salty Sailor Tavern in Booty Bay where they can drink, smoke, chat and party or chill out, and then of course they can join the battles, fighting side by side.

The individual's reason for joining is minor important to the Redspears.
If they do it for the action, the money, the revenge, for their religion - own business. What makes it possible to gather taurens, undeads, blood elves, orcs and trolls to teamwork, even with such different cultures and oppinions, is an equal enimy.
When they join the Redspears, we expect that it is because they share the same goal and therefore follow the orders of the leader and don't intent to course any drama or intern conflicts. They let their temper hit the enimy, not the "colleagues".

Anyway, that was the basic facts of the Redspears and a few rules. We bid you welcome to snoop around and we hope you may find the stuff interesting. Smile

If you like reading, you can check a more elaborated description of the group on the ER Wiki page (http://earthenring.eu/wiki/index.php?title=The_Redspear_Horde). This is where everything worth knowing about the Redspear Horde's lore in character, the politics, trivia and description of past events is to find. Wink

If you have any questions you can always contact me.

Your sincerily


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Welcome to the Redspear Horde! Empty Re: Welcome to the Redspear Horde!

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