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Post  Nizana on Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:51 am

Full Name: Re'Jo Nizana
In-Game: Nizana
Guild: The Redspear Horde
Affiliation: The Horde
Race: Jungle Troll
Class: Shaman
Professions: Cooking, Fishing, Mining & Skinning
Age: She don't remember
Sex: Female
Hair: Fiery red
Eyes: Change with the color of the skies, mostly brown-red though
Weight: not tellin'
Height: bit taller then most trollups

Appearance: Well ofcourse she is beautiful in a wild and adventurous way. Her hair cascades down to her shoulders when she's not braided it over her head so as not to have it in her face while mixing her brews, meals or special ritual pots. Which means she doesn't wear it down a lot. Her fiery red hair is in sharp contrast with her blue skin, a deeper blue then many trolls have. Probably she was born in a place of the jungle where the rare fungus Blueblossom grows, mixing the mold on her skin with its spores. Her name seems to have been derived from there too; 'Nizana' meaning 'Blossom'.
There is a nobility in her features that makes her look rather wise. But do not be fooled, her bright and often laughing face can change into a mischievous grin she doesn't show very often but it hints of a little mean streak. This could be because she has sharpened some of her teeth pointily, not seen with many trolls, hinting at possible cannabalism.
She doesn't remember her exact age but her body seems to be that of a women in her late prime; her hips are full and sway a little as she walks. She has little laugh-wrinkles around her eyes making her look very friendly. Her movements are a subtle, her body is agile and well trained.
She likes to humm a little tune now and then 'Niza niza niza nananana nizananana' or a variation of this.

<more to come later>


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