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Post  Rikkitazi on Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:47 am

Now as a roleplayer, you usually seek addons which average player might find useless, but I can asure you that they're not if you play in character! Wink

The first one I would suggest is "FlagRSP WotLK". This addon allowes you to write a description of your character's appearance, add a title and a prefix and family name. People can then read it, seing if your character has any particular features like scars, tattooes, special gems, if it limps, looks nervous and so on. The other way around, you can as well read their descriptions. With this, you can give other people a first time impression and you can give people a chance to ask into yourself, like "that scar looks angry. How did you get it?" It's great fun! Smile

Second addon is called Gryphonheart Items. This addon allowes you to make your own items! You can make anything from buffs and food to jewellery! You can even trade it with other people.
However, you can unfortunatly only use it together with people who as well have the addon installed. People who does not have GHI only sees the name of the item, while those who got it, can click on it and see further details.

Anyway, the addons can be found on:
You'll have to type in the names of the addons in the searching space and update it now and then. Often after a patch. It is also important that you don't remove the old files when you update it. Just click yes when it asks to save over the old ones. Else you risk deleting your items.
It will also be wise to save the appearance description of your character in a text file of some kind, just in case a bug shows up.

I hope you'll enjoy the fun of RP addons. Smile


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