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The Official Ranks Empty The Official Ranks

Post  Rikkitazi on Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:26 pm

Warchief: Leader and general of the Redspears, the Warchiefs ultimate goal is to firmly establish the Redspears as a Horde-force of considerable power. This role is currently filled by Jen'Ri as Karghos Redspear has been called to duty elsewhere.

Shoulder Raven: Military advisers and making up the chain of command, the Shoulder Ravens are the closest and most entrusted members of the Redspear faction - while their combat prowess in the field can be questioned, they are normally perceived as necessary administrative instruments.

Vassal: The Vassals are considered to be disciplinary officers that govern the everyday life of the Redspears when the faction is not in outright military action - they oversee social activities dedicated to strengthening the bonds between members internally and are deployed in the rare cases that the Redspear use diplomacy.

Soothsayer: The oft naught mentioned Soothsayers consists of the healers, medicine men and doctors of the Redspears charged with the assignment to patch up wounded soldiers and bolster their morale in active combat situations. Technically weak in direct combat, they are however a force to be reckoned with if never confronted.

Mystic: The aggressive spell casters of the Redspears are appointed the rank of Mystics - mages and elemental-wielding shamans as well as warlocks band together to form a lethal destructive force, normally acting from behind the front-lines, raining destruction down on their foes.

Red Warbringer: The "walls" of the Redspear forces are made up of the Red Warbringers: The heavy infantry consists of warriors, feral druids and paladins to form as the "first-people-in-last-people-out" - they excel at close quarters combat but their role is defensive as aggressive as they need to keep soothsayers, mystics and officers safe in combat.

Warspear Raider:
The ranged division - the Warspear Raiders - are made up of musketeers and archers. The raiders are, while not as sturdy in close combat, notorious for their movement speed around the battlefield and will occasionally be commanded in separate bands from the main army. When they are a part of the main bulk, they serve much the same role as mystics, shooting from behind the Warbringers' lines.

The covert branch of the Redspear Horde are the Snakewhisperers. Excelling at intel gathering, sabotage and single-target assassination, the Snakewhisperers are predominately made up of rogues and scouts - they are one of the most autonomous and self-sufficient units in the Redspear Militia but will in turn be given the most dangerous missions where they cannot rely on fellow Redspears - it's assumed within the Redspears that Snakewhisperers are notoriously brave or stupendously reckless

The most basic infantry unit, affectionately dubbed "cannon fodder", are the Redspear grunts whom haven't been assigned a more specific role yet due to inexperience or short membership of the Redspear Horde. They are normally put into the front-lines.

Runt: Uninitiated but interested applicants to the Redspears are rumored to be called "runts" and aren't allowed to wield the Redspear tabard before they have completed the initiation ritual.

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The Official Ranks Empty Re: The Official Ranks

Post  Rikkitazi on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:01 pm

I've edited this thread a bit, to make it more clear who's equal to who.

The Chief of course is above everyone and downwards. Those who are markated with the same colour, are equal ranked to each other. This means that just bcause you're rank 5, it does not mean you're above somone on rank 7 if you know what I mean. Wink

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The Official Ranks Empty Training?

Post  Aenott on Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:56 am

Is there any active training, for us newbies, to better be able to fill the role that fits our class?

Not having the experince, I don't know if WoW is better played in organized groups, or if it's just a free for all attack everything in sight.

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The Official Ranks Empty Re: The Official Ranks

Post  Ngozi on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:56 am

Organized groups win any day:

I -do- intend to plan more military-practice days but it demands I have time.

Which - currently - I don't. Exams and real life, in that order. In 1½ a weeks time, things should "clear up".

I'll keep you updated.


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The Official Ranks Empty To join the 3rd rank

Post  Rikkitazi on Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:03 pm


Red Warbringer:

The Red Warbringer represents the brute in-your-face force of the Redspears- they handle issues of security when not in combat, patrolling Redspear Territory and act as bodyguards for important personnel.

Given only a bloodsplattered shield and only allowed to wear loincloth across private areas, the Warbringer is pitted against a beast of their strength - if besting it with only their shield and their bare hands, they are given the title as Red Warbringer and are granted the shield as ritual gift.

Red Warbringer Events can typically be:

  • Base Security
  • Body-guarding
  • Shield-walls in skirmishes

Red Warbringers should:

  • be resilient and obedient
  • be enduring and untiring
  • be intimidating and ruthless
  • be prepared for battle at all times


The Snakewhisperers are the covert branch of the Redspears - and while they are the most independent Redspears there are, they also get the hardest and most deadly assignments. Few survive long-term as Snakewhisperers, but their work could win an entire war.

To become a Snakewhisperer, the applicant must stalk another Horde roleplayer and bring forth a piece of private information on the target. They have a week to do that - then they must kill one of two humanoids without the other ever knowing what happened. They are rewarded a snake to symbolize their guile.

Snakewhisperer Events can typically be:

  • Alliance assassinations
  • Poisoning of locations
  • Sabotage of enemy material
  • Intelligence and spying

Snakewhisperers should:

  • be autonomous thinkers
  • be excellent at stealth
  • have an eye for detail
  • be patient and observant


The Soothsayers are the mystic covenant that serves under the Ghosthand himself - they help with voodoo rituals, mending of wounds, cleansing the minds of the Redspears and work diligently on spreading the propaganda of the Redspears, while partaking in events of premonition as well.

To become a Soothsayer, the Soothsayer has to defend another Redspear while they run through a crowded dangerous area - the
grunt is simply instructed to run from point A to B and the Soothsayer must keep both the Grunt and him/herself alive. They are awarded an owl for wisdom and a red linen robe for their uniform.

Soothsayer Events could typically be:

  • Voodoo rituals
  • Cleansing of poison and other maladies
  • Premonition and foresight
  • Mending Redspears, both physically as moral-wise.

Soothsayers should:

  • be wise
  • be sharp-witted
  • be Laymans advisors to the average Redspear
  • be philosophical


The Mystics are the arcane, elemental and fel-magical backbone of the Redspears - they research in their respective mystical art, develop new spells and incantations, construct mighty magical trinkets, perform archaeology and naturally practice their destructive powers.

To become a Mystic, the applicant must present an in-depth explanation of the history of a selected geographical location that is relevant to fel-magic, elemental magic or arcane magic - thereafter, they must defeat a beast using only non-aoe spells, wearing only the reds linen robe. They are rewarded a cat and their uniform.

Mystic events could typically be:

  • Construction of magical trinkets
  • Conjurers of illusions
  • Researchers and engineers
  • Archaeology

Mystics should:

  • be intelligent
  • be ambitious
  • be productive
  • be knowledge- and power-thirsty

Warspear Raider:

Pathfinders, hunters, scavengers and scouts - the Warspear Raider are the Redspears spending most of their away from home, drawing maps, exploring the world and providing the Redspears with invaluable information concerning the land - they are also favored message bringers due to their speed.

To become a Warspear Raider, the applicant must kill a beast of equal strength, armed only with simple garments, a
spear and one arrow. The arrow should be used as an initial attack and the beast must then be destroyed with the spear. The applicant is rewarded the shield upon completion.

Warspear Raider events could typically be:

  • Recognizance and scouting
  • Courier service
  • Pathfinders and hunting
  • Camp-making

Warspear Raiders should:

  • be fast
  • be independent thinkers
  • be well-versed travelers
  • be clear-cut and straight-to-the-point


Grunts are the largest portion of the Redspears and obey any rank above them - They are so to say have the “raw” potential to ascend to any above mentioned rank fitting them the best, -IF- they perform as expected.

For example, a grunt hunter should be active, running messages, scouting areas and hunting if he wants to become a Redspear Raider.

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